How To Register And Track Your PAN Card Related Complaints Online

By | October 9, 2012

The PAN Card is an extremely important financial document for Indian citizens. Every person with taxable income in India needs to own a PAN card. Sometimes, there may be a few problems that may arise. People may not receive their PAN cards and PAN numbers even after applying. Sometimes, they may receive the PAN number, but may not get the PAN card. Again, sometimes, the application may be returned undelivered. The name may be printed wrong, the photo may be wrong, or other essential details may be wrong. In such cases, a complaint needs to be filed. In order to help the people to register and track their complaints without any hassles, the Income Tax Department of India has created a help website. The website, called Sparsh India, helps the complainant to register and track his or her complaint. This is a very useful website because it saves the complainant’s valuable time.

The complainant can file their grievances online at the link that has been given below:

In order to check the status of the complaint that the complainant had registered, he or she can visit the following link:


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