I am a Foreign National, applying for PAN, and currently in India. What documents do I need?

By | October 2, 2012

For address proof, a copy of any of these documents will be needed.

Passport’s photocopy

A print out of bank account statements, bank account being in India.

Residential Permit. This document is issued by State Police Authorities

Registration Certificate. This is issued by Foreigner’s Registration Officer.

Indian Government’s PIO card, means a copy of Person of Indian Origin card.

NRE bank statement copy. The statements must show a minimum of two customer induced transactions, within a period of not more than past 6 months, and attested by the manager of the bank where the account is opened. Apart from the manager, the statement copy can be attested by the Consular Office, the Indian Embassy, or High Commission/Apostille.

Copy of Company issued appointment letter, or employment contract. If the provided office address is in India, then five more documents are needed. These are:-

Visa application’s copy

Granted Visa’s copy

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