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By | October 9, 2012

1. I need to file return on income. Is a PAN necessary?

Section 272B of Income Tax Act, 1961 defines that PAN needs to be quoted while filing income returns. Otherwise, a penalty of Rs 10,000 can be imposed.

2. How does the quotation of PAN on concerned transactions get ensured by the Income Tax Department?

The Income Tax department considers it a statutory responsibility of recipients of CBDT notified economic and financial transactions documents to see to it that PAN is quoted in the concerned documentation, as laid down by Section 139A(6).

3. I could quote any random PAN number to get my documents accepted. How do the authorities verify PAN?

This is the PAN verification platform provided by the department of Income Tax in India. Even you can use it to verify PAN details.

4. Will it work if I submit a PAN application on a blank paper, giving all information?

No, it won’t. Your application will be rejected. Only submit a PAN application on the relevant form, and that is Form No. 49A. You can easily obtain the form from the Income Tax department’s website, and also from UTILIS and NSDL websites. Local printing shops could have a copy of this form. Or, visit a TIN facilitation center and obtain the form. However, a blank paper will not be accepted.

5, Can I submit a PAN application online?

Yes, Internet-based applications have been facilitated now. In fact, you can make requests to change data on PAN cards, or get duplicate cards issues, all through Internet. Visit the NSDL portal, that is (or, you can also visit the UTITSL portal,  and follow the procedure to submit online application. For application of PAN card for Indian address, a fee of Rs 94 has to be paid, and for a foreign country address, the fee is Rs 744. Payment for the application can be easily done through credit or debit card, or net banking.

6. Can I apply for PAN card in tatkal?

There is no tatkal facility for PAN card applications.

How do I find the address of an IT PAN Service Center or a TIN Facilitation Center?

Use the Income Tax department website, that is, or the UTITLS website, or visit the Income Tax Office or the NSDL office of your city to know the location.

7. What happens if I end up submitting an incomplete form?

IT PAN Service Centers and TIN Facilitation Centers will not accept any incomplete application. However, they’d be more than willing to assist you in filling the application form completely and correctly.

8. I need to fill in Assessing Officer code, where do I find it?

The IT PAN Service Center, TIN Facilitation Center, or the Income Tax Office are places from where you can get the Assessing Officer Code.

9. How does a person who can’t sign the application apply for a PAN?

For all such people, the procedure is to make the left thumb’s impression in the places meant for signatures. Then, the form needs to be attested from a Magistrate, Gazetted Officer or Notary Public with the official seal or stamp.

10. Do all females have to mention their father’s name on the form?

Yes, all female applicant’s, irrespective of their marital status, need to mention their father’s name on the form.

11. What happens if I do not mention the contact number on the form?

Your application will not be rejected without a telephone number, but certainly, the communication between you and the approving authorities becomes quicker if you mention your telephone number on the form.

12. If an application has to be submitted on the behalf of a minor, or a non-resident, what is to be done?

For all such cases, including lunatics, idiots, and court of wards as well, the Section 160 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 has made provisions under which representation for these people can be done through a representative assessee.

13. Can I get a new PAN card, with the same number?

Again, visit the TIN Facilitation Center or the IT PAN Service Center and fill the form for Request For New PAN Card or/and Changes In PAN Data, and pay the fee of Rs 60 plus taxes to apply for duplicate PAN. Of course, you will have to surrender the earlier PAN.

14. I do not have a PAN, but I need to pay my taxes. What should I do?

Get a PAN! You can get a PAN allotted in about 15 days. However, you can have one in 5 days as well if you apply online and pay through credit card. The earlier you get a PAN card, the better it will be for you.


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    I have wrongly given my last name to my son and applied the new pan card. His name is RAGUVARAN.L but i have given his name as RAGUVARAN LOGANATHAN. I don’t have any docunment to show for RAGUVARAN LOGANATHAN Now i want to delete the last name. What shall i do for the same . Please advice me regarding this.
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